— Mod sans

About Edit

mod sans likes mother 3 and sans undertAIL

Appearance Edit

  • it's fucking sans
  • has big foot
  • ',:^)
  • (secret giant tits)

Other Mods Edit

How they met the other mods Edit

"I met flowey in grade nine, so like, 5 and a half years ago? and I knew mod alphys for quite a while I actually added him through one of my really good friends i also knew since then who i met through her sibling in m i d d l e school on youtube,,, AND THEN i added gaster on facebook because alphys would always talk abt him and i was like,, shit,,? im wanna know this guy,, dude,,, AND SO SHITPOSTUNDERTALE STARTED!!! Originally just Alphys Gaster and I, we started on facebook on NOVEMBER 9TH!!!! a few days later I asked flowey if she wanted to join and voila, The four of us then made THIS TUMBLR!!! on NOVEMBER 17TH!!!!! OF LAST YEEARRR!!! WOOO!!!!!! AND THEN !!!!!! ON FEBUARY 28TH OF 2016!!!!!!!!! The NEWEST MOD WAS BORN!!!!!!!!!! MOD BURGERPAAANNTTTSSS! (We actually met on the SPU minecraft realm but she would tag us in  lot of shitposts she did for us and i added her on facebook beforehand too lol)"[1]

trivia Edit

  • loves mod flowey
  • according to stream watchers, she "doesn't know how to draw eyebrows"
  • is currently in hell with jerry
  • duster
  • Gay for flowey
  • and i mean exremely gay like
  • holy fuck
  • i love it
  • mod sans is a cute lil bean
  • mod Sans hates me, her own son, dont trust her ever or you'll get bullied

What is hip?Edit

Bee fucking.

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