MOD PEBBLE (aka mod peeble) is a fake mod on the spu discord and i lov her very much


this is pebble i Love Her So Much


  • pebble is, in fact, a huge dork
  • at least two or three people are thirsty for her
  • has fuckin?? goo art??????????
  • probably plays video games until 5am wow what a fuckin nerd
  • is the creator of Big Head Lucas and other horrible yet beautiful memes
  • should get vored
  • is fuckinf fantastic in general like i have no words my dude
  • NOT stingy's wife
  • obsessed with papyrus
  • is in fact married to mirai like real life married I Would Know (source: ME)
  • wants ppl to send her their art of papyrus
  • I, Soap, thirst after her fuckign constantly
  • a really god energy to have around
  • makes me laugh and smile
  • i lvoe her alot
  • a huge and adorable dork
  • 10/10

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